Tuesday, April 28, 2009


ive been dicking around with the idea of a post apocalyptic western since i was 15.
it was only a matter of time until i got the guts to do it i guess.

ive had friends nagging me for years to write my own book instead of trying to find the 'perfect story' to suit me. (im very picky who i draw for, i like to think of the writters i work with as extensions of myself.)

so after fight club fell through (its still waiting on a green light, dont worry.) i decided to give it a shot. i mean, look at some of the books out there right now. mine cant be THAT bad in compairason...

anyways, ive found a way to justify my actions by remembering the inspiration i had for this series in the first place.

the movies and books that inspired my love of this sub genre are sometimes rediculious at best. so i guess i might as well throw another drop into the see that is "post apocalytic action"
and with the great western formula of good guy vs bad, you really cant go wrong can you?

melty faced mutants.
martial law.
demolished cities.
acid rain.
bad guy come good, good guy gone bad.
skull fucking.

i think i got the gyst of my genre.
lets just see if i can pull it off huh?

so stick around and watch this train wreck wont you?
ill be posting weekly from here on out. art, layouts, script segments. etc.

and ill be up loading every chapter as a torrent and cbr as i go. free of charge.

so if the book sucks, just shut your fucking mouth.
its free.



  1. why thank you :) ill try not to let yah down man.

  2. Holy fucking hell. I'm definitely looking forward to this.

    It's sure to be truly, orgasmically epic. No doubt.

  3. wow! thanks for that. now your putting the bar waaay to high ahahahahha :)