Thursday, May 14, 2009


hello all, sorry i havent posted yet. im just busy wrapping up my teaching this semester. after this its back to the working at the porn store and starting up the art for this series. (im alot more excited about this than you would think.)

so, just to keep any one who cares up to date:

- the story outline is finished, begining to end, for the first series.
- the first 40 pages are written and plotted out in thumbnails.
- references for the entire cast have all been chosen.
- the first scene is ready to go the second i get home.

so some time around mid june i should start posting pages for the book. then when the first scene is finished, ill be posting it as a cbr file available for download as a torrent.
in the mean time, keep an eye out, ill be posting a couple of pin ups of mason ive been thinking about. something to get me in the swing of things, you know.

rock and fucking roll.
lots of art soon enough.

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