Tuesday, May 19, 2009


good lord ive gone through 7 drafts now...
the first books done though.
its going to be a 40 page super dooper extra large awesome first ish of awesomeness.
as long as you enjoy space ships, titty bars and bomb shelters i guess...
god im a bad writer...


  1. It´s fun to see how other build up scripts and so. I´m working on a comicstrip based on my own life and get a lot of inspiration and idea´s from watching your work. When my skills improve I´m gonna start working on some books as well. Chears mate!

  2. oh cool, thanks mate! glad to be of assistance :)
    if it helps, i start by just writing the skeleton of the story. beginning to end. no details, just what happens next until i hit my goal.
    then i write a scene by scene script for all the things that need to happen to get me to the goal or to impart story arch and character development. then when i start writing the words for the characters i do thumb nails of the page as i go. after about 10 or so takes with thumb nails i do final thumb nails in a second sketch book to use as refs when i make the finale page!.... christ i have no life do i...?
    anyways, look forward to seeing your book when your done dude :)

  3. as Reekzilla of deviant art

    'bad writer'?
    i think not, my friend
    you said this story had boobies
    and any story that has boobies deserves some sort of award for awesomeness