Tuesday, June 9, 2009


"got the number thirteen, tattooed on my neck, when the ink starts to itch, black gone turn to red..."

with this page, i just up and penciled on cintiq.
printed it off and used the light table to ink. then modified my fuck ups on the cintiq again.
its 'mixed media' (thats art wanker for more than one style).
i love digital, its so easy (ctrl z). but i love me my inks.
iiiiiiiiiink. (zombie shuffle.)


  1. you can skip the lightbox action when you print the sketch out in a light blue and ink directly on it.

  2. as Reekzilla of deviant art
    i heard somewhere this may take place in atlanta, Ga or somewhere close
    is this be true?

  3. donald:
    yeah, i know, i used to pencil in blue line, but i like to ink on a thicker stock that dosent print well out of my A3 printer, so meh, cant be bothered ahahahah, thanks for the advice though :)
    tis true sir. im basing the series in florida, georgia and jackson hole wyoming. my three favorite places on earth (next to lihuie and melbourn)
    and for the love of god. i know there is no waffle house next to the vortex. let it go people! its my world, ill do what i want with it! and as far as im concerned, there is a waffle house and a star bucks every 10 ft in atlanta, so its not that much of a stretch!