Sunday, June 28, 2009


i have decided to hold off on printing the book for the sandy con this year.

bummer i know, but i think it will benifit from being printed in color rather than flat black and whites. i would have drawn it in a completly differant manner if that was the plan, so im sticking to coloring this one shot while i start the real series!
so dont fret, anyone out there who cares. the book will still be printed and for sale as a hard copy, you'll just have to make due with the cbr file for a bit longer is all :)

in other news, a good friend of mine has made the DRH mast head into an animated gif that im looking forward to posting soon (im too retarded to figure out how to post it myself at the moment, ill get to it tonight) so keep an eye out for that!

also, at the top left of the page, i have made a donate button.
if you are so kind as to donate anything, make sure you send me your address as well so that i can send you a personal gift in return \m/
ill be posting a shop with prints as soon as i can figure out how.
rock the fuck on,


  1. You know your fucking awsome man!

  2. nice work dude.u r preety kool ...are you making a comic?

  3. the man with a Cap is just like Terry bogad from Fatal Furry...